Don't let the mouse slow you down! Move and resize windows on your Mac with the keyboard.

MercuryMover reduces the friction you feel when you use your Mac. With MercuryMover, you can move and resize windows on your Mac from the keyboard, positioning them precisely where you want. By shunning the slow and imprecise mouse, MercuryMover empowers you to work faster and play more. Download and try MercuryMover today!

Who's it for

I was hoping somebody would write this! Saves on kittens. ;)

Brent Simmons: Original developer of NetNewsWire

The only downside to MercuryMover is that it's completely addictive... computers without it just aren't worth using anymore.

-Garrett Reid: IT Director, Kehillah High School

If you're a keyboarder much more than a mouser on your Mac, you'll find this invaluable.

-Rob Uttley: Robsoft

As a keyboard fanatic, it's one of my favorite utilities

-Rob Griffiths: MacOSXHints naming MercuryMover Pick of the Week for the second time.

It's a small price to pay to be forever free from the shackles of the tyrannical trackpad.

-Dan Moren: MacUser

Awesome. Add that to an already lethal TextMate + Quicksilver combination, and I'm inching closer to my dream of unplugging my mouse forever.

-Tyler Hall: Developer of VirtualHostX

A slick little utility

-Adam Engst in his review on TidBITS

At first I thought $24 was a little steep for a such a seemingly simple app, but it's easily worth every cent. I love it.

-Ian M. Jones, Developer of CaseDetective for FogBugz