Highbrow enables anyone to utilize each installed web browser more effectively on your Mac by eliminating the annoyances that arise from using multiple web browsers. With Highbrow, you can select any of three separate behaviors:

  • You can easily switch the system-wide web browser via the Highbrow menu in your Mac's menubar.
  • Highbrow can change the browser on the fly as you shift between web browsers.
  • Highbrow can ask you which browser to use each time you click a link via an unintrusive heads-up display.

Who's it for

3.5 Mice

-Dan Frakes, Macworld.com in his MacGems blog

It is wonderful being able to run all browser as if they were my default browser without needing to fiddle with Safari's preferences

-Karen Hughes, owner of curlypaws.com

Great App! I've wanted this app for a long time!

-Sigil Jenkins, Highbrow user

I'm especially liking the Ask Me Which Browser To Use feature. Great for clicking on a link w/in Mail and select which browser I want to use.

-Chad Armstrong, Founder, Edenwaith

Highbrow is particularly a useful tool when i wear my other hat as a web guy :-)

-Robert Mohns, MacInTouch