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Helium Foot Software develops MercuryMover: Don't let the mouse slow you down! Move and resize windows on your Mac with the keyboard.
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06 November

One Fifth of a Five Fingered Discount

Where Keith gives a steal

The ever popular MacHeist is gearing up for another bundle. As a developer of (hopefully!) fine Mac software, i definitely can see both sides of the controversy: Getting so much software for cheap can lead users to think that it's not worthwhile to pay full price. On the other hand, developers are free to . Into the breach between the two steps Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software maker of the excellent MarsEdit blog editor in which i'm typing these words right now. Riffing on the idea that MacHeist is a steal, Daniel organized the "One Fingered Discount" (as in 1/5 of a five fingered discount, in NO WAY related to the "one fingered salute") where participating developers are offering a 20% discount on their products. If you're the type who loves a steal (or at least 20% of one), then check out all of the great software you can get on the cheap(er).

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