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Helium Foot Software develops MercuryMover: Don't let the mouse slow you down! Move and resize windows on your Mac with the keyboard.
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10 October

Blog Sense

Where Keith coins a new phrase

In a correspondence with Daniel Jalkut about how MyWi (my favorite of all of the keyboard based window move and resize utilities) got it's modes I said this:

I started to write you a response, but then my blog sense started tingling

He liked the phrase, and here we are blogging again for the second time today. My blog sense tingles whenever i have an idea of something that i should blog about, but it's particularly strong when i'm communicating privately (or to a small group) something that i really want to say to whomever will listen. Anyone else out there in bloggy land have a blog sense?

Posted by kalperin at 22:39 | Comments (0)
14 February

Spam, spam, spam, spam

Where Keith applies a little moderation to the scourge of the internet

For the last few days, this blog has been under attack by everyone's favorite internet annoyance: the spam-bot. Let me apologize for any unseemly comments that you might have seen here. For the time being, i'm going to moderate the comments; so if you leave a comment, it may take a little while to show up here. On the plus side, all of the unseemliness will be for my eyes only.

Posted by kalperin at 11:05 | Comments (0)
19 February

Spam Away

Where Keith wins one for the good guys

I got my pyth on this weekend and hacked up my blogging engine (currently COREBlog, but that's likely to change) in an attempt to stop the comment spam. So far the results are My Blog: 0, Spammers: 0. I'm not really sure how to score my blog, but as long as the spammers are getting goose-egged then all of us here at Helium Foot central are happy. We're throwing (comment) moderation to the wind, so feel free to write in with the commenty-freshest comments that you got.

As a side note, the last few posts have been written using MarsEdit. While i resisted using a blogging client for reasons that are unknown even to me, MarsEdit has been like a revelation and i'm never going back. The good folk at Red Sweater Software who makes MarsEdit should watch his mail because my check will be in it.

Posted by kalperin at 01:11 | Comments (0)