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18 April

GroceryList and Beyond

Where Keith forges a head

We've been hard at work in the Helium Foot software foundry carefully crafting GroceryList v1.1 and v1.2. Fear not loyal reader for these subsequent sequels to our flagship iPhone product will still give you the fastest way to make your grocery list. Version 1.1, just released this weekend, brings the oft requested "Multiple Lists" feature. Now you can can keep track of one list for your grocery store, another for your drug store and a third for that overpriced specialty store with the terrific produce. We've also updated the interface a bit for easier tapping and faster scrolling. Sound interesting? Get it from the app store.

Still not enough? Well, loyal reader, perhaps version 1.2 is what you have been waiting for? The big focus for this version is providing more user control: Pick your own favorites, change your master list, rename items and aisles and more! Here at Helium Foot, we make a habit of not announcing release dates lest the angry mobs start showing up at our doorstep (deep underground in the HF walled compound) demanding their overdue release. So let's just agree that i'll be personally (and deeply) embarrassed if we can't get this one out by the middle of May. In the mean time, watch your app store updates.

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